Fri 09/18/15  1:00 pm   Sierra Superlatives     Joe Medeiros

Fri 10/30/15  1:00 pm   Arts Opportunities in El Dorado County  Alisyn Gularte

Fri 11/20/15  1:00 pm   iPad/iPhone Basics and Tips/Tricks   Tom Dillon

Fri 02/19/16  1:00 pm   Imigrant Trails in El Dorado County    Dee Owens

Fri 03/18/16  1:00 pm   Gold Rush Medicine   Dr Bob LaPerriere

Fri 04/29/16  1:00 pm   Traveling in Patagonia: Memoirs of a Seasoned Angler  John Wilson

Fri 05/20/16   1:00 pm   Law of Politics, Citizen’s United in Context   Judy Sproul-Davis  JD

Fri 08/19/16   1:00 pm   Ecosystem Reconciliation   Monique Wilber

Fri 09/16/16   1:00 pm   Adventure travel in Antarctica   Tom Miner

Tue 10/04/16   1:00 pm   Ageing With Style and Grace   Roberta Rimbault

Fri 10/21/16   1:00 pm   Six Artists and Yosemite    Gary Noy

Thur 11/17/16   1:00 pm   The Life and Poetry of Walt Whitman    Elizabeth Ketelle

Fri 12/02/16   1:00 pm  Food Safety  Barbara Petersen & J. Herr man

Fri 01/20/17   1:00 pm   The Electric Grid     Don Fuller

Fri 02/17/17   1:00 pm   “On Her Own” a film by Morgan Schmidt-Feng 

Fri 03/10/17   1:00 pm   Writing Your Own Story    Rosemary  Imes

Fri 04/14/17   1:00 pm   California’s Likely Water Future   Jonas Minton 

Fri 05/19/17    1:00 pm  Master Gardener Talk/Tour    Sheri Burke

Fri 06/16/17    1:00 pm   California Gold Rush Album     Gary Noy 

Fri 08/18/17    1:00 pm  Criminal Activity, Awarness and Prevention  John D’Agostini

Fri 09/15/17     1:00 pm  History of Carsen River Route   Frank Tortorich